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Essential travel under Level 3 allowed
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Who is allowed to travel?

Business Reasons: Any person carrying out work responsibilities or performing any service permitted under Level 3,
provided that such person is in possession of a permit issued by the employer

Moving to a new place of residence

Moving to care for an immediate family member

Members of Parliament performing oversight responsibilities

Learners and students who are travelling to schools or institutions when they are permitted

Attending a funeral

Transportation of mortal remains

Obtaining medical treatment

Persons who are returning to their place of residence from a quarantine or isolation facility

Any movement permitted under regulation 41

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you fall under one of the qualifying categories of persons permitted to travel and
have the correct documentation and authorisations to travel under the Level 3 regulations.

Domestic passenger air travel is not permitted for recreational, leisure or tourism purposes.

All international passenger flights are prohibited except for those flights authorised by the Minister of Transport for the
repatriation of South African Nationals from foreign countries and evacuation of foreign nationals from South Africa.

Travel requirements

* Face mask

* Photo ID - ID Book, South African Driver's Licence or Passport. Children must have a Birth Certificate or a certified copy of a Birth Certificate no older than 3 months.(This does not need to be an Unabridged Birth Certificate)

* Copy of E-Ticket AND boarding pass

* Health Declaration Document from the Department of Health

* Travel Permit - see forms below to download and print

Health Declaration Document from the Department of Health (Form 1)

Employer permit
(Form 2)

Learner/Student interprovincial travel
(Form 3a)

Permit to transport learners/students
(Form 3b)

Funeral attendance
(Form 4)

Interprovincial relocation
(Form 6)

* Form 1: Health Declaration Document from the Department of Health. All passengers to complete this. Return flight passengers have to print out TWO copies - one for the departure flight and one for the return flight.

* Form 2: Employer Permit. This must be signed by the head of the business and accompanied by a signed letter from your company on a letterhead explaining why you need to travel.

* Form 3A: Learner or Student Interprovincial Travel (Must be signed and stamped by head of the school / institution).

* Form 3B: Permit to Transport Learners or Students Interprovincially (Must be sworn at a police station or magistrate's court).

* Form 4: Funeral Attendance (Must be sworn at a police station or magistrate's court).

* Form 6: Sworn Affidavit for the purpose of moving residence or moving to care for an immediate family member (Must be sworn at a police station or magistrate's court).


Airport arrival and check-in

* Arrive a minimum of 2.5 hours prior to your flight departure.
* We recommend that you check in online prior to departure (to minimise contact, queues and waiting time).
* Only passengers are allowed to enter the airport, no visitors will be allowed entry.
* Expect maximum safety protocols to be applied throughout your journey.

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